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img-20151011-wa0002Hi, I’m Matthew Campaigne-Scott. For over seven years I have been enjoying working as a Freelance Writer, Editor, and Researcher.

I have written and researched for blogs, periodicals and websites, composed speeches and sermons and prepared copy for web advertisements, research papers, and company profiles. I also enjoy editing completed work. I can tailor my work according to your needs. I love a challenge and enjoy building work relationships.

Choose from the Posts on the left-hand side to view an article. Or choose from the menu above to discover an article archived by category. Please Note: these articles may have dated and are included as examples of my writing not for their current newsworthiness.

Although all articles are copyright, feel free to quote but remember to give credit where credit is due.

Drop me a line to get connected and propose what I can do for you or just to let me know you popped in. Email me at hearonearth@gmail.com

Logo Shadow Life CoachingWere you looking for Shadow Life Coaching?

Matthew Campaigne-Scott also runs a life coaching practice called Shadow Life Coaching.

Go to Shadow Life Coaching’s website HERE. 

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