In Memory of Miss Cara the Cat

A Tribute to Miss Cara: a beloved Waterfall Cat.

Picture“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That’s the problem.”

― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-PoohIt is well documented that animal companionship from horses to gerbils has a positive influence on human society in general and a therapeutic effect on people in particular. Everyone from small children to the elderly seem to benefit from the companionship and shared affection.  Cats are said to have been worshiped by the ancient Egyptians and domesticated by the Assyrians and Babylonians. Cats are an acquired taste for some and as irresistible as chocolate to others.

“Cats will amusingly tolerate humans only until someone comes up with a tin opener that can be operated with a paw.” ― Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms

Although cats are maligned for their apparent haughtiness and accusations are made as to their selfishness, cat lovers will testify to feline submissiveness in private not to mention their devoted loyalty. It seems to me that cats are great actors. I’m reminded of the Billy Joel Song: “Always a Woman to Me.” In the song Billy Joel narrates how ‘…the most she will do/Is throw shadows at you/But she’s always a woman to me.’ Cats are just like this.  At first impression and often in the company of others, your cat is aloof and distant. But when she’s comfortable in her surrounding and especially when  alone time, kitty rubs your feet in worship and purrs like a didgeridoo and makes loving eyes at you that speaks  volumes in otherwise unenunciated devotion.

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” ― Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Such was the nature of our beloved Miss Cara. A very pretty light grey cat, slight in stature and quietly spoken. Carey had decided that after the death of her very dear exquisite Tortoise shell, many years before, she wouldn’t get another cat since losing her was too painful. However the years passed and we lived in a new location, the girls had grown up a little, the time seemed ripe for a new feline friend in our midst. We did the ‘right’ thing and supported the SPCA and were introduced to the youngest mother of kittens you could find retreating, perhaps a little overwhelmed from the attention of her litter, at the back of a cage. Carey just knew this was the cat for her in flurry of intuition that only certain types of people understand.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”  ― Leonardo da Vinci

Miss Cara was a juvenile and still had some playful kitten in her (which she never lost), though it was clear that before we met her she had been habitually kicked either accidentally or on purpose since she remained fearful of anyone in shoes all her life and big feet were watched suspiciously from a safe distance. She loved to play with the standard, shop bought, catnip filled mice. She became quite hysterical having imaginary hunting and wrestling games with them. Best fun of all for Miss Cara were her boxes. Our house became not unlike a Mondi Recycling drop off point with shredded boxes littering the house. Our daughters began to notice a distinct disparity between the level of discipline aimed at their untidy rooms compared to Miss Cara in hers.


 “No matter how much the cats fight, there always seem to be plenty of kittens. ” ― Abraham LincolnThe cat Beds: I’m not sure to whom the importance of beds lay: us or the cat. At first makeshift beds were made out of old jerseys on the couch, and then treasured old baby blankets in boxes. Then one day I was minding my own business like a good husband waddling around Mr. Price Home Store admiring the completely useless, superfluous, unnecessary items on the shelves that appeal deeply to some people. My wife and daughters were ferreting through this mound of must-have cushions and swooning over throws and surplus bric-a-brac when they discover much to their delight a cat bed. Now we aren’t just talking some beige basket containing a colourful cushion with paws motif. Oh no this was a square, stuffed bed covered in two-toned pink silk. The bed was festooned with silk pink ribbons and was as gaudy and camp as a drag-queens hand bag. Worst of all since my wife decided to rush off with the girls to do some or other errand I was instructed to wait clutching my high camp paraphernalia in the very long Saturday morning queue. I haven’t grown hair on my chest since that day.

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

But back to Miss Cara. The best thing about her presence in our lives was the incredible joy she brought to us all. She was certainly doted upon though never spoiled with non-cat food except for little morsels of cheese. Oh yes if we were eating tuna she would polish off the leftovers in the tin. But I digress, Miss Cara was not a cat that you could cuddle, she didn’t like sitting on your lap and had to be trained to enjoy being cradled like a baby which she tolerated whilst rubbing your chin with her paw. Miss Cara, like all cats, loved to sleep and beds were made from old out-door chairs in the sun and shade alternately, with a cushion folded in a square so she could climb inside.

 “Ignorant people think it is the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain’t so; it is the sickening grammar that they use.”  ― Mark Twain

We will always remember Miss Cara as a friendly and spritely cat full of little chirps and very much in charge of her life, who could touch her and who her friends were. Alas in May this year she was killed. There is something devastating about losing a young beloved pet in the prime of its life. Evidently someone went speeding around the corning near our home and wiped her out without a thought. We try and encourage people to drive below the speed limit in roads like ours where old people take walks and children ride bikes and pets roam freely. But it’s all about ‘me and my rights’ and so there are casualties. Regardless it’s done now and we still have our memories of a little comforter to my family who brought joy into the room whenever she sauntered in.  Adopt a cat today they’ll change your life for the better.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying: “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

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