I seem to end up researching and writing a lot about Johannesburg. I must say I’m enjoying hearing about the progress in the inner city.

>Confronting the Slumlords – Jo’burg Innercity Renewal

>Hotels in Rosebank, the latest

Rosebank’s hotels under the spotlight

>Rosebank – While you were sleeping

Commercial Property developments in Rosebank

>Orange Farm Steadily Moves out of the Darkness

From squatter camp to informal settlement to suburbia…

>Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs Bucks the Buying-To-Let Trend

>Johannesburg Inner city Renewal – Latest

>Johannesburg Tariffs – More of the Same

>Stuttafords and Granny’s Old Piano Another of Jo’burg’s grande old buildings to be restored.

>PIE: Prevention of Illegal Eviction from an Unlawful Occupation of Land Act – Challenged Rent Paying, lease holding tenants take landlord to court.

>The City of Johannesburg in the News For all the Wrong Reasons Legal battle continue.

>Joburg Housing Policy Under Scrutiny Squatters, urban decay and the law

>Sandton City: the Queen Bee of Fashionistas

>Contemplating Inner City land Reclamation Converting railway land, sidings and above rail space into commercially viable space.

>Jo’burg’s grande old  suburb of Dunkeld to be developed

>Joburg fights the monster of inner city decay

>Sandton City: In the news for all the right reasons

>Keeping the Green Lungs Open The work of City Parks keeping Jo’burg Green.

>Going Potty in Jo’burg The pothole saga continues.

>The Milpark Triangle -where good investment appear.    Lesser known Johannesburg Node booms.

>Randburg CBD embraces respectability Urban renewal in Randburg

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