Since I moved to Waterfall, just 35 minutes from Durban, I have developed an interest in the city similar to my affection for Johannesburg, where I lived for 30 years.

Below are some examples of my Durban articles in varying degrees of datedness.

>Indigo Skate Camp – Skate and Create

>Isiphingo CBD is set to become a Dynamic Commercial Node

>Two Cities Get Terminals

>Durban beach front restaurant facilities remain vacant

>Durban’s Waterfall is Finally on the Map

>Umhlanga Continues to Expand

>Durban’s Playground Continues to Expand

>Durban’s Center of Gravity Adjusts Northward

>River Horse Valley Estate, a Durban Success Story

>Do you want to invest in Westville? – You should!

>Hilton Buy-to-Let – Opportunity Knocks

>Ballito Bay Bursting at the Seams

>The Dig-out Port and the South Durban Basin

>Cycling and the Construction Indaba in Durban

>The Port is Alive with the Sound of Investment

>Durban’s shouting: “Look at me, look at me, look at me.”

>Durban’s more than just a pretty face

>The Battle of the Beachfronts

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