I’m being asked to write more and more on Green issues. Renewable Energy, Recycling and Sustainability may be cliches and buzzwords, but they are also really serious issues that are influencing our world – generating debate and inspiring world movements as well as our domestic lives. Here are some offerings that touch on these subjects.

>Saving Energy at Home

>Plastic bottle pollution on land, at sea and in our bodies

>Who’s Going to Wear the Green Tights?
Green buildings, why bother?

>Green Construction – What’s left after the hype?

There’s more to green construction than foliage and prizes.

>Green Leases – All You Need To Know

The latest on Green leases.

>3 Renewable Energy Fallacies

3 Myths about Renewable Energy

>Unorthodox Renewable Energy Ideas

Strange but genuine alternative ideas about Renewable Energy.

>Wind and Solar Energy Trivia for the Enquiring Mind

What you always wanted to know about Wind and Solar Energy

>Being Prepared to Pay the Price of Going Green

Are you, count the cost and consider your options.

>So I asked my 85 year old dad…“what do you think of when I say ‘Green’ dad”

A lighter look at matters green.

>Keeping The Green Lungs Open

Johannesburg City Parks – A forest in a city.

>Seven Workable Solutions to Needless Printing

Wasting paper never looked so unnecessary.

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