Having written for Missions and Church publications across the denominational spectrum for over nineteen years I have a great deal of experience writing in language that is appropriate to diverse groups. Whether people want to believe it or not there is a big difference between churches when it comes to jargon and theological language. What offends one group may cause another to be enthused. You’ve heard of politically correct, well sometimes one has to be denominationally correct to communicate a message wisely to people outside of your usual subculture of Church. Consider getting someone to tailor make your text to appeal to your audience.

I  also write devotionals, courses, sermons, humorous articles and research papers.


Bad News Psalmwich
A lighter side of the book of Psalms

The Kingdom of God is here, delayed, not yet and yet to come. A light-hearted look at the serious subject of the “manifestation of the Kingdom of God”

What is my place in this world? Is it too late to ask. An example of a devotional reading.

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