Obviously living in South Africa the vast majority of my articles are Afro-focused. However Africa as a continent is increasingly becoming a source of curiosity to many of my readers. So here are a few sample articles for you to choose from

>Urbanisation: slower than expected, but no room for complacency.

>Catalyst Focuses on Real Estate in East Africa

>Opportunity Knocks in SAn Rural Areas

>A Darker Reason Why SA’n Business is Moving into Africa?

>Serviced and Virtual Offices Take Off in Kenya

>Kenyan Retail and Property Sectors are Alive and Buzzing

>African Growth: Competitive Investment and at What Price?

>South Africa is Part of Africa, but will it Take Part in Africa?

>Taking Africa Seriously

>Ghana’s Economy, Sending Mixed Signals

>Namibian Property Market – Open for Business

>Africa is the Next Big thing

>Investing in Africa, Good News, Bad News and Faux Pars

>On your marks, get set…Africa! SA Business moves into Africa

>Resilient Goes Fishing – Africa’s gain is South Africa’s loss


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